Movin’ on up

Sometimes when it is slow at work, I feel like this.

I wrote a new article for HyperAllergic, and one commenter did not think very highly of me or my article or my brainwashing art education! I have yet to think of a quick little rebuttle, but really, I do not care. Can’t please them all! Especially the assholes.

John Powers at HyperAllergic offices, answering questions after his Star Wars and Modernity lecture/movie/slide show/power point/video thing. Some parts were actually really cool. Can’t remember the movies too much seeing as I watched them all in one sitting one night in highschool. I did like the robots.

I am pretty sure this guy’s name was Nate. Performance artist (CANT YOU TELL?). Some of his other projects including taking groups of people to dumpsters in China Town and finding fish skeletons? I don’t know.

Event in Jersey City to help fundraise for the Jersey City Museum. They can only afford to be open for ONE day a week, and for only FIVE hours. How sad is that?

These artists each designed a hole on a mini-golf course concerning the subject of immigration, I thought it was a pretty neat idea.

The event was called the PBR tour, including all you could drink PBR and all you could eat hot dogs! This was the best idea.

Fellow intern makin’ the shot

This was the last hole and the best one. It was literally impossible to complete.

One of these things is not like the other one!

We are moving Sunday and we have…

Is it so much to ask for?



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Into motion

Tight squeeze

The glory of Astoria! You can find the best shit on the streets. Took a bit of effort to get it up here though. But its only going to come back down in 20is days because we found a NEW APARTMENT!

Fire crotch

In the window of a dentist office, as if they weren’t terrifying enough…those are actual teeth hanging! Speaking of terrifying, next door neighbor (who is the largest, biggest, most obtrusive asshole) is screaming at his wife. All signs point to: leave as quickly as you can.
Miranda July doodads in Union Square


This is the best

I approached this thinking it was a piece…I am always mistaking shit for art. Too easy to do. It was a pile of chairs. Still asethetically pleasing.

Cupcakes by Melissa?

We then had these teeny-tiny cupcakes. They were pretty delicious. But so, teeny-tiny?

Also before seeing this we saw a trailer for this and the entire audience litterally pointed, guffawed, cackled, snicker, snorted. It was way too funny. But really, come on, know your audience.

Attempting to come up with a new article for I need some time to sit down and open my ears, but I might do an “Overheard at the Met” commentary/analysis. I was at the the Museum the other day and just had too much fun listening to the tourists, and natives a like I suppose. Example: Mother and daughter duo walked up to Rauschenberg’s Canyon (1959),

 daughter takes one look at it, shoots her mother a hurt and anguished look and storms away. Mother “Aw well honey…I’m sure he didn’t kill the crow himself!….(Looks closer)….Hmm, but you never know…”

Plus many more! But I don’t want to spoil the fun.

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Wet Hot American Summer

I saw this poster on a bus today. I FEEL YOU AIRBENDER.

Then I went and saw the Otto Dix show. (Not to be confused with…) And it was super. Wasn’t allowed to take photographs and the website provided really shitty images. But pay the 10 dollars (I know) and see them with your own eyes.

Best family portrait ever.

 He’s really just so good. How on EARTH is this his first solo show in the United States?

Also, I had a mini-revelation today. Ever since I saw the Ensor show at the Musee D’Orsay and saw this little lady above, I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out where he plucked this character from!

And then I found her! Duh.

Then I came home and turned on the oven (WHY?!) to cook my HOMEMADE Leek tart, plus a mediocre salade for lunch.

Because our apartment was running an average temperature of 110 degrees, I decided to give the cats an ice cube and they were completely confused to as why I did this.

He may be new to the world but this cat gets it!

Henry says “Shit, lemme in on that action!”

4th of July. Astoria park fun. What a tool! That girl still has her Met pin on. Go see this delightful show.

Also: What an amazing surprise! Run out and see this! Run! Although, after the price of a movie ticket these days I am going to have to live on rice and beans for the rest of the summer.


Also: Once when my friend Mark was working at Staples he said “floppy dicks” to a customer when he meant to say, of course, “floppy disks”. Mark currently works at Socrates Sculpture Park right here in Astoria, Queens! And this week at the park starts the summer outdoor cinema series.

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